Mary's Meals Monthly Prayer

Join us as we pray for the mission of Mary’s Meals.

Thank you for choosing to pray for the work of Mary’s Meals.

The purpose of the monthly Rosary is to unite the Mary’s Meals global family in prayer allowing us to put our trust in God that we may find peace of mind and heart.

Mary’s Meals is a fruit of Medjugorje and we pray that our work – to provide life-changing meals to hungry children and offer them the hope of a brighter future – continues to grow.

Let us keep the children we serve at the very forefront of all our prayers.

We hope and pray that you have a very blessed prayer time.

Join us to pray

We would love for you to join us for the next monthly prayer event on Wednesday, 28 June at 21:00 CET/20:00 GMT. We encourage you to keep your camera on during the prayer session, if possible.  

Join us in prayer once a month.  


Wednesday, 28 June 2023: Monthly Mary's Meals Rosary prayer session.

Wednesday, 20 July 2023: Monthly Mary's Meals Rosary prayer session.

We also invite you to share the details of our monthly prayer group with your own networks to encourage as many people around the world as possible to participate

Our intentions for JUNE 2023:

Mary's Meals Monthly Rosary

We pray that many more people will be inspired to offer their money, goods, skills, time, or prayer to the mission of Mary’s Meals and allow us to continue serving more than 2.4 million children and expand to reach more children in need of school meals

Find out more about Mary’s Meals

Thank you for being part of Mary’s Meals Medjugorje.

The work of Mary’s Meals is beautiful and simple. We provide one daily meal in a place of education to help hungry children learn and thrive.

Our work is possible because of the support we receive from all over the world and the dedication of our volunteers in the communities we serve. People from all walks of life choose to support Mary’s Meals in different ways – they give their time, skills, money, and prayer – and we believe that everyone can play an important role in this work of love.

If you are inspired by this monthly prayer group to stand in solidarity with the world’s poorest children, there are many ways you can get involved. You can find out more about the work of Mary’s Meals and the opportunities available to serve the mission in your own country by visiting Homepage | Mary's Meals (

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We have affiliates across the world, so you can keep up to date with the work of Mary's Meals closer to home. Please select your country below.

Our Lady Message 25 June 2023

“Dear children! I am calling you to go into nature and to pray for the Most High to speak to your heart and that you may feel the power of the Holy Spirit so as to witness the love which God has for every creature. I am with you and intercede for you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”