Mary's Meals Medjugorje family pilgrimage

Annual Family Pilgrimage

Every year, supporters, staff and volunteers of international school feeding charity Mary's Meals come together in Medjugorje for the annual Mary's Meals Family Pilgrimage. The three-day event is a very special time, which:

  • brings us closer to Jesus and Our Lady
  • offers opportunities for fellowship and friendship
  • rejuvenates our commitment to our shared vision and mission

The pilgrimage will take place from 4-6 October 2024 and all are welcome.

The pilgrimage programme consists of:

  • times to come together and pray for the work of Mary’s Meals
  • inspiring talks and testimonies from across the Mary’s Meals global family, showcasing our work and highlighting the role of personal faith for some of those involved

These talks serve as a reminder of Mary's Meals as a fruit of Medjugorje that works closely with communities in places where hunger is a barrier to learning. Together, we are paving the way for a better future.

Hear from Previous Pilgrims

A Mary’s Meals Mass and a special blessing

One of the most memorable aspects of this annual gathering is the blessing of the Mary’s Meals Visitor Centre and the Mass for Mary’s Meals.

People who attend the Family Pilgrimage often tell us that they leave with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. They return home feeling inspired and equipped with new strength, friendships, and clear in their determination to drive our mission forward.

As they disperse to their different corners of the world, they carry with them the love of Our Lady along with new enthusiasm and knowledge about our work, knowing that everyone has a part to play in this mission and that by working together we can make a meaningful impact on the world.

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