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Join us on Wednesdays and Fridays to fast in solidarity with hungry children and reflect on the work of Mary’s Meals.

Fasting is an act of penance, which brings us closer to God and enables us to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world who live in poverty and hunger.

One of the core messages of Medjugorje is that we should fast in accordance with the tradition of the Church, and Our Lady calls us to fast on bread and water on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Today, 59 million children are missing out on an education because of poverty, while millions of others attend school so hungry that they are not able to concentrate and learn.

Every Wednesday and Friday, from noon until 2pm, we invite pilgrims to join us at the Mary’s Meals information centre, near the Church of St James, for fasting, conversation and prayer. Fresh bread, kindly donated by local bakers, and iced water is also provided.





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Click an image bellow to hear testimonies of people who joined Mary’s Meals fasting initiative. Listen to their comprehension of the concept of fasting how fasting can make individuals more aware of the suffering of others, especially children in need.’’

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Your stories

Fasting volunteers in Medjugorje

Our Blessed Lady asked us to pray and fast. I love that Mary's Meals has taken this message to the heart and is inviting all in Medjugorje to join them in fasting and prayer. This encouragement unites us with other pilgrims.

Gail Hewett United Kingdom
Maggie Barmel - fasting volunteer from the USA

Fasting at the Mary's Meals Visitor Centre dramatically helped my personal prayer life. My eyes were opened to a new way of praying and I hope the mission of Mary's Meals was impacted because of it.

Maggie Bermel USA
Marcelina Bobkowska - fasting volunteer from Poland

My first fasting days for Mary's Meals I did just after reading Fr. Slavko Barbaric's OFM book that I received in the Mary's Meals Visitor Centre in Medjugorje. I understood how important it is and how great grace can be received when we are going through a fasting day.

Marcelina Bobkowska Poland
Roisin Kelly - fasting volunteer from NorthernIreland

Fasting always reminds me of others who have no food and it strengthens my prayers.

Roisin Kelly Northern Ireland

Resources you can use to help

Help us raise awareness about global hunger and help bring real hope and change for those who are suffering by sharing news of this initiative and the work of Mary’s Meals. Download our fasting pack and placemat to invite others to get involved.