Image of a child sitting against a dry and arid backdrop.

Pray for Ethiopia

What is happening in Ethiopia right now?

The current situation in Ethiopia is dire. A combination of drought, displacement, and brutal conflict has left huge parts of the country in crisis.

The two-year civil war that raged in and around Tigray has caused widespread destruction and left physical and mental scars on the people there, including millions of children. Furthermore, millions of Ethiopians are now facing crisis levels of food insecurity and hunger.

Map of Ethiopia in red, with the region of Tigray in the north highlighted in a darker shade of red.

How is Mary's Meals helping children in Tigray?

Following a devastating period of conflict, the last few months has seen many families able to leave displacement camps and return to their villages. The fighting may have ceased but for many a long journey still lies ahead to rebuild their communities which have fallen into disrepair.

Working with our incredible local partner, we have been able to resume school feeding in all 36 schools where children were receiving Mary’s Meals before the conflict (and pandemic-related closures).

The return of school feeding is a much-needed lifeline for families trying to rebuild their lives following months and years of displacement and trauma. Fear and anxiety still live in the minds of many while acute hunger is quickly on the rise across the region contributing to an already desperate situation.

Despite heavy damage to school buildings and destruction of key equipment, children are returning to classes in huge numbers where they’re able to get much-needed meals from our school feeding programme.


Pray with us

Please pray for the millions of people who are on the brink of famine and for all the children who are suffering there, whose cries are falling on the world’s deaf ears.

If you'd like to say the Mary's Meals Prayer with us, you can get a copy of it in your language by visiting the link below. 

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Image of a child sitting against a dry and arid backdrop.